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No Longer ‘Lost’ About This Game

After playing countless shooters on the 360, I was craving something new. An RPG, an action-adventure… anything! Devil May Cry 4 was good, but didn’t have me hooked, Eternal Sonata was visually beautiful but I found the battles oddly irritating, and I had played Mass Effect into the ground. Then, Lost Odyssey was released and I was happy – finally, another RPG on the 360 that I could try to enjoy!

But then reviews for the game nudged me away from it. GameSpot gave it a 7.5, IGN gave it an 8.2 and commented that loading screens never seemed to stop. For weeks I told my boyfriend that I didn’t want Lost Odyssey because I didn’t want to deal with excessive loading times.

Recently, it’s been reported that the loading times the writers experienced were far more lengthy and frequent than on retail discs. I feel I’ve been completely mislead by these reviews and could have been playing Lost Odyssey this whole time.

My boyfriend and I bought it last week. It has made me cry at least 3 times and I like the turn-based fighting. It’s got wonderful graphics, and damn near no loading times.

So, I’ve been taught a lesson: never completely trust a review. Become an active gamer and experience everything for yourself.

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