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Blog Banter: Hi, I’m Angela and I Like Boxes

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Sure, I’ve downloaded music. I’ve downloaded music, movies, books, and computer programs. My life practically revolves around “10:00 minutes remaining.” But the one medium that I will never download if there is a hard copy available, is video games.

There’s just something about a video game box – everything from the reservation of the game to ripping off the plastic wrap at home is fun. Inside, the disc is a perfect circle with a small opening in the middle that’s just the right size for my pointer finger. The bottom of it is shiny and mirror-like and if I’m lucky, I might even get more than one disc in a case! The box itself could be black, green, or white. There’s always a lovely picture on the front with descriptions and screenshots on the back. I love opening the cases and checking out the booklets, enjoying how crisp the button is in the middle of the disc.

I could never download a video game because it’s a passion I hold dear to my heart. It’s the same as a musician taking pride in his record collection, or a movie buff that enjoys collecting DVDs.

I understand that some games like Hexic should be digitally distributed because of accessibility and size, but nothing trumps having a physical collection of games and being able to show it off to people when they come to your house.

I actually made the mistake of downloading Fable from the Xbox Live Marketplace. It was one of those games that I loved the first time I played it and just had to have it again. On a whim, I paid 1200 points for it and later my boyfriend reminded me that I could have bought Fable: The Lost Chapters (which is the better version) at a store for just five bucks! Of course my reaction was “aw, shit” and we went out and bought the hard copy.

And who knows, if one day I meet Peter Molyneux and I get him to sign my copy of Fable: The Lost Chapters I’ll be insanely happy. Better he sign the disc than my hard drive.

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  1. I used to think like that about collecting DVDs and games, but now I’d just rather not have the clutter, maybe I’ve changed my outlook as the years go by!

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