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56 Things I love About Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game I have played in a long time. While playing it, I couldn’t help but say things like “I love that” repeatedly. Here are 56 things I love about MGS4.


I love…

0. The little tips during the install screens.
1. How great Snake looks during the install screens.
2. Pressing L1 during cutscenes for a different view.
3. Pressing X for flashbacks.
4. Tiptoeing over corpses.
5. How dirt gets on the screen after rubble falling nearby.
6. When Otacon gives me tips when I’m a little lost.
7. Hearing the “item dropped” sound anytime someone died.
8. How I use an oil drum someone farted in.
9. How Snake rubs the bottom of his back after being crouched too long.
10. How Snake can fall asleep too.
11. Sunny playing the PSP.
12. Never having felt lost in the story, even though I didn’t play the other MGS games.
14. Otacon’s comment on the PS3 and Blu-Ray Disc.
15. Drebin 893’s monkey.
16. The abundance of cutscenes!
17. The posters hidden behind paintings in the South American home
18. How the install screen changes after Snake’s face is severely burned.
19. Raging Raven and the fight against her.
20. Laughing Octopus and the fight against her.
21. Crying Wolf and the fight against her.
22. Screaming Mantis and the fight against her.
23. Being reunited with the cardboard box.
24. Pressing triangle to keep Snake going through the microwave tunnel.
25. Easy access to weapons and ammo through Drebin.
26. How we obtain Face Camo of other characters.
27. Shaking the controller during cutscenes so my Camo returns to normal.
28. Snake’s dream in the helicopter!
29. The Rail Gun.
30. How Snake’s Psyche gauge could deplete during a cutscene.
31. That Snake kicked his smoking habit.
32. The motorcycle chase.
33. Controlling REX.
34. Shooting enemies from Drebin’s tank. Very Resident Evil like.
35. Mk. II & III
36. How Snake tried to look up Naomi’s skirt.
37. How Akiba tried to grab Mei Ling’s butt.
38. How Akiba slapped Meryl’s butt and then held her hand.
39. How Raiden always appeared at the right moments.
40. The soundtrack.
41. Sunny’s eggs.
42. Feeling like I was the main character in an actual action movie.
43. Psycho Mantis’ failure to read my past.
45. Watching TV at the start of the game.
46. How Snake’s iPod worked like a real one.
47. How Otacon had an Apple laptop.
48. How Sunny was so intelligent.
49. Snake’s CQC skills.
50. The final fight against Liquid.
51. How the center of Snake’s bandanna was always scrunched up.
52. Sharing rations with other soldiers.
53. How the Resistance member ran to take a quick leak in the park.
54. Actually fearing the Gekko.
55. Feeling like I did right by starting this list at zero.
56. The ending. It made me cry.

If I had the game right in front of me at the moment I know I could think of 50 more. But this is all I got off the top of my head.

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