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2008’s Most Tearful Videogame Moments

I absolutely love videogames that make me cry.  Those will always be the games I remember for years and have the cutscenes I search for on YouTube when I need a good release.

So with all the holiday spirit I can muster, here are 2008’s Most Tearful Videogame Moments.

4. The Ending of Braid

This ending isn’t tearful as much as it is thought-provoking and depressing.  There are a few different interpretations of it as well, but for blog’s sake I’ll say that Tim believed the whole time he was trying to save the Princess when in reality, she was trying to escape him.

3. Dom & Maria’s Reunion in Gears of War 2

Maria is the only reason why I even bothered finishing the GoW2 campaign.  I had to destroy the Locust for her!  Dom’s desperate search for his beautiful wife was so touching.  When he finally found her my controller was dripping wet from the tears falling from my face.

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2. The Ending of Metal Gear Solid 4

An extremely epic conclusion for an extremely epic series.  This entire ending had my heart at attention.  My personal favorite is the scene between Raiden, Rosemary and John.  Or is it the scene with Snake in the cemetery alone with a gun in his mouth?  I just can’t decide, they’re all so sad!

Uploaded by Elite3xtreme

1. About 75% of Lost Odyssey

Almost all of the Dreams in Lost Odyssey are tearjerkers, there are about five different sad cutscenes throughout the game and the ending is full of sacrifice, love and departure.  *sniffles*

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  1. FINALLY, someone who cried to Lost Odyssey. The end of the game made me want to throw my controller at the tv for making me cry!

  2. I dunno about the ending of Lot Odyssey, but some of those stories absolutely were moving, and I’d always be surprised, each time one of them was actually meaningful. It was really nice to keep on encountering them.

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