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Purple Comet Star Tip: Battlestation (Super Mario Galaxy)

My boyfriend has been trying his best to get all 121 stars for Super Mario Galaxy, and he’s on the Purple Comet missions. When he reached Battlestation he decided to take a break. I picked up the Wiimote and began playing the mission. I had a little trouble with some of the bombs flying at me, but I quickly learned that you can destroy the bombs before they hit you if you shoot a Starbit at them. My boyfriend got the idea to pick up our second Wiimote and joined me for co-op. He blew up the bombs while I concentrated on jumping and getting the coins. He then realized that with the second Wiimote you can create a small forcefield that will hold the bombs back, a move called Stunning, away from Mario.

If you’re having trouble with the Purple Comet challenge for Battlestation in the Dreadnought Galaxy on your own, try completing it with a friend. While Player 1 focuses on maneuvering the platforms to collect all the coins, Player 2 will work on the bombs either by shooting Starbits at them, or by holding them back while pressing and holding the A button.

Remember, you must stay in the middle of the platform to collect the coins that pass by. When you are right side up, press right to move forward and left to move backward (same for when you are upside down). When you are sideways going upward, up moves forward and down moves backward. Good luck!

I wish we could record our gameplay because it would be so much easier, and much more visually pleasing, to explain everything. And everyone knows that images and video mean so much these days. *sigh*

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