Video Games

We All Have That One Game…

“I love you,” was all she said.

A tear fell out of my eye and hit my PS2 controller square in the square. It was probably the third time seeing the ending to Final Fantasy X but every time it still managed to have the same impact on me. It was deeply emotional, watching Tidus’ last hug with Yuna and slowly disappearing through her before leaping off the airship. A tale of hope, love, and separation. A story I can never forget.

I’ve completed that game to my greatest ability, acquiring all aeons and as many legendary weapons as possible, several times. And every time feels just like the first time. I’m captured by the story, driven by the characters’ strengths, moved by the music, and in awe of the animations. This game is simply the most beautiful video game creation I have ever seen. Several years after our first encounter, there are more than a dozen games that surpass what FFX has done. Yet they all dull in comparison to me.

For me, Final Fantasy X represents a time when I realized that games could be more than just laughs with my brother and cousin, or multiple combos and headshots. The hundreds of hours I had poured into games like Perfect Dark, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country 2, Killer Instinct and so on never gave me that enlightenment. I played those games merely for fun, yet I was held captive by FFX. My enjoyment with that game surpassed basic fun; it was indulgence.

Final Fantasy X was the first game I had ever devoted my time to to complete. I have several games finished because every time I play the game, I learn something new. Whether it’s how to find all the aeons, or how to compile the complete Al Bhed dictionary, I always feel compelled to bring that newfound knowledge into a new save slot. “I’ll beat this game 100%,” I tell myself. And to this day I still have not.

The first time I actually saw the game was when my younger brother was playing it. He had just gotten it as a gift and wanted me to watch him play. I took a look a the T.V and asked, “What the hell is that?” The game didn’t attract me in any way so I didn’t watch. A few days later, he approached me and told me that I had to play it. “You’re really going to like this game, trust me,” he said. I went in with complete doubt, having never played a game like that before. There were no guns, no crosshairs, and no blood. It was all fantasy, and soon it became my obsession.

It’s just one of those games I will never get tired of. Final Fantasy X is my breakaway from bullets flying, blood and gore. It’s a dance between the visuals, my eyes and my fingertips. And for a girl who hates to dance, that says a lot.

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