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Release Date Better Not Be a Fable

So yes, after a whole month of nothing new here I’m back and ready to write again. I’ve just been addicted to My Life as a King on the Wii, and caught up with other bothersome activities like work.

Today my boyfriend and I went to GameStop to pick up Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – Colonies Edition. The original LP is his favorite game on the 360 so we just had to get this version. While we were waiting for the guy to ring up our purchase, we browsed the list of upcoming games for the 360 and their release dates.

And what did I see on the list but my most anticipated game this year? FABLE 2! I asked if the date before my eyes was the official release date and the guy confirmed it. Fable 2‘s official release date is October 1st, 2008. He also asked if we wanted to reserve it along with Ninja Gaiden 2, and we said yes.

While my boyfriend and I were walking out, we realized the guy didn’t even sign us up for the Fable 2 preorder but we just kept walking, happy enough to know when the game is coming out. I really hope that that’s the day and we won’t have to wait a day past that!

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