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Looking For an Animal Crossing: Wild World Friend!

animal-crossing-wild-world-200603230910329031Today I was able to hook up my Nintendo DS to a Wi-Fi connection and I’m looking for friends to play with. I’m really excited because I need help in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Someone has to shop at my Nook store so it can upgrade to the next model. Please drop me a line if you can help!

Come, visit Oakvale and its pleasant residents. It’s November and the air is crisp. There are a variety of trees to shake, bearing either peaches, cherries, apples or coconuts.

Not that Bells are hard to come by, but I’m offering 100,000 to whoever helps me.


  1. Hi ^_^

    I have Wild World – I just need a Wifi connection. I got City Folk for the Wii – you can import your DS character which is cool.

    I’ll let you know when I get a Wifi connection (or have access to one)
    I think my college has Wifi, I will try and bring my DS to college sometime and see if I can get a friend code. Then we can just set up a time and date 🙂

  2. okay im game. can u text me a date and time so we could help each other. 7608518199 thats my number just send me a message that says ac.ww.ds and ill responed. thank you

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