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Meet My Hero, The Chosen One

I had a blast with Fable II the past couple weeks and I think I’ve just about run out of stuff to do. All that’s left is to buy out tons of property, take up a couple Slave Rescue and Bounty Hunter jobs, and make babies. So I’d like to introduce my Hero to everyone! Here she is, The Chosen One with her companion, Pegasus.

The Chosen One & Pegasus
The Chosen One & Pegasus

My Hero is show here modeling the Long haircut, dyed in Liquid Gold. A gorgeous halo sits above her head because she’s 100% good and pure. She’s wearing a corset and Noble Lady Skirt, both dyed in Swarthy Revenge Indigo. She has Blue & Pink makeup and is carrying two Legendary Weapons – The Daichi and The Enforcer. Pegasus, her faithful companion, is wearing the Collar of Regality.

I’d also like to add that my Hero did not always look like this. Before recently, she was extremely buff because her physique level was 4, and she had tons of will power running through her veins because of all the magic knowledge she possessed. I decided to tone down her look and settle down with a family.

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