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My Fable II Item Giveaway! – CLOSED

Thumbs Up!
Thumbs Up!

Unfortunately, due to my previous Xbox 360 getting the Red Ring display error and my shitty Circuit City warranty, I no longer have my 20GB hard drive with my Fable 2 saved game.  All my items are gone! =(

When (and if) Circuit City sends me a replacement, I seriously doubt it will be with my old hard drive.


  1. congrats on completing the game Iam working on my 3rd hero this time I’ll play a male in the game my name is hawkansmouse because my hubby and I share the xbox, he never plays fable. I play almost every night after 1am if you see me say hello!**
    I dont need any thing just wanted to say hello**

  2. Er. Not sure if you’re still doing this, but I just got Fable and would love some awesome free stuff. I can usually get on on the weekdays from 3:30 to 5:30, later on Fridays. Xbox Gamertag is Deceptive Cake, and you can message me or something. Meeting point is preferably Bowerstone.

    I’d love the Highroller’s Coat and Urban Capotain, if you could. Moonless Midnight and Envy Green sound like pretty colors, too.

    Butyeah! I hope you’re still reading the responses. Message me on Live if you get this, even if you’ve already restarted. I can always use another friend.

  3. Uhh hey umm i would really love it if you could give me the Rising Sun and possibly the Daichi. oh could i have tha rest of your chicken suit because i dont know how to get is. my gamertag is xSACKQUATCHx

    thx for doing this.

  4. Wait so are you still giving away items?
    If so, could i have a HighRoller’s Coat?
    Thats all i really want and thanks

    Gamertag: Cheewoo
    Im usually always on jst PM me if you’re still doign this.

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