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I’d Like a Burger Shot, Hold the Bullets

While driving today, my boyfriend and I heard a Burger King commercial on the radio for their new Burger Shots. The commercial was really good, so of course I was intrigued and wanted to try their new bite-sized beauties.

So I had it, and yes it was delicious. But the whole time eating them, I felt like I had had them before and not at White Castle. While waiting in the car for my boyfriend while he smoked, he opened the door and said “Babe, Burger Shot! Grand Theft Auto!”

GTA IV Burger Shot
GTA IV Burger Shot

Oh, yeah! That’s where it’s from! It’s like the place we visit in Grand Theft Auto for replenishment has just jumped into our reality for nourishment.

Now if the company that deals with Burger King knows that Burger Shot is a satiric restaurant in the Grand Theft Auto series and is trying to make bigger bucks by being associated with the game, then cheers to them. Good luck. But it’s really disgusting when you find out what the term “Burger Shot” actually means.

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