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I’m Inspired!

While browsing a fellow blogger’s site, I came across one of his “Quote of the Week” posts. It really just stopped me and made me think for a minute, and forced me to reminisce about my 10th grade English course. Our teacher used to make us analyze quotes in order to broaden our perspectives.

So I’m going to borrow Silvercube’s idea, but switch it up a little bit. Every week I’ll choose a quote from a videogame that really speaks to me, and post it. Then I’ll give my thoughts on what I think it means, or how it makes me feel (and it sure beats posts about Burger Shots).

Thank you buddy for inspiring me!

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  1. You are welcome 🙂

    How about this quote from Animal Crossing:

    “I’m moving, but don’t worry! [Someone once] told me we’re all on the same planet, so I’ll be okay!”

    – Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

    I wish you the best of luck.. I sent you a message on Xbox Live 🙂

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