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Videogame Quote of the Week – #1

The World Ends With You Quote

As a person who likes to keep to herself a lot, and doesn’t like asking for help, I feel this quote is geared toward people like me, who are used to living in small worlds – alone. I’ve become very independent in my life and haven’t learned how to rely on other people, primarily because I don’t trust them with living up to my standards. And this has stopped me from fully enjoying working with people, learning how to behave in intimate social events and realizing that my future is not just in my hands.

Every person you encounter in life has the potential to shake your core, and the beliefs and values that you hold. It’s just a matter of you allowing them to. Sift the bad seeds out, and only allow good ones in. The mind is a powerhouse of wonder, thought and logic and when two connect it can be a dynamic force.

It’s important to keep your focus on matters that are five steps ahead, but why not shake it up a little bit and take a look at what’s 10 steps ahead for you? And if you see so little in your future, stir up your life! So clichΓ©, but break the mold and open your eyes. There’s a whole world out there and it ends with you.


  1. I guess you and I have more common than I thought.

    I too am very much like that.. just recently I started getting out of my “turtle shell”

    but I still sleep with the same blanket since I was three, and will never conform to any group…

    I am myself.. the nicest person in the world.. or the meanest πŸ™‚

    I set high standards for myself, and only socialize with those that meet them. I only have 1 male friend, because most men are pigs and talk trash all day about just about everything.

    The lack of integrity and respect is sad these days, but then again, as a pro-femenist, I encourage women to knock down the men and take over the world.

    I highly recommend you watch Changeling, I wrote an article in blog about it today. πŸ™‚

    It’s hard to trust other’s but when you are surrounded by positive, caring, good, people you don’t worry about it as much.

    That’s what’s happened to me – because of Xbox Live I have met some wonderful people that have become like family to me – and I hope one day you will be in a happy place where you can ask me and others for help whenever you need it.

    I don’t like asking for help either – but TRUE friends won’t ever make it seem uncomfortable. πŸ™‚

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