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Last night my boyfriend was watching me play Fallout 3, the new love of our lives. I was in my shabby little Megaton house when all of a sudden the graphics became extremely distorted. We looked at each other in surprise and thought maybe it was just my house.

But when I stepped out the door, it was the same way. So I thought maybe it was just the game and went back to the Dashboard. The hair on my avatar was glittering in white spots! Worried, I thought restarting the console would fix the problem.

But it was just the beginning of many more.

One Red Light
One Red Light

When we turned it back on, we faced a dooming red light. We looked at each other in shock and disbelief. We had just bought it eight months ago!

Even though it was extremely disappointing that the new 360 would fail on us, we felt safe because we had bought a warranty for it when we first purchased it at Circuit City. So today, we drove out to Poughkeepsie to swap it for a new one. A few months ago, I had gone with my younger brother to Best Buy to swap his broken 360 and they had done it at the store with no problem. So Circuit City would do the same, right?

No. They told us at the store that their warranty will cover it, however we would need to ship it to a testing center.

Bullshit assholes, when we first bought the console you told us you could swap it in the store!

So reading through the Terms & Conditions, if it’s determined that the product is defective they will send us a remanufactured replacement, not a new one. And if they can’t do so because of changes in technology (i.e 20 GB 360’s are no longer made) they will send us a Circuit City gift card to cover how much we paid for it. And after we receive the new(old) one, or gift card, the protection plan is covered, completed and no more. That’s a complete waste of $76.

I’m so upset! Now I’m stuck with no 360 and my only option is send away for a new one which will take a few weeks (and the asshole at the store said it will only take one).

So to sum everything up, I will never do business with Circuit City again. Best Buy is the best way to go.

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  1. That is so strange.

    2 of my other friends also had 360 problems too.

    If you get a new 360, make sure it’s manufactured after 4/2008, as these 360’s have new processors in them.

    If Circuit City did promise you something, and then changed their words, it could be the employee that told you that was not too sure.

    I’m not quite sure Best Buy has that exchange policy.

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