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Videogame Quote of the Week – #2

I’ve always thought that jokes were the truth in disguise and this little quote, originally said by philosopher Bertrand Russell, is a joke told in Fallout 3 by a robotic butler.

This one just speaks for itself so instead of going the political route with it I’ll just take it down to personal relationships. When one person is angry at another it just seems so natural to take the violent path against them (pacifists might not agree). Whether it’s being jumped after school, shot for a misunderstood glance, or slapped for a cold dinner, violence is an option so often used yet it doesn’t prove anything but our own levels of inhumanity.

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  1. I don’t know if this quote is original, as I have seen it before somewhere.

    Nevertheless, it’s a quote that’s hopefully in the past for this world. No more wars….

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