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GameDamage is Good!

While browsing The Escapist looking for some hilarious Zero Punctuation videos to watch, I found my way onto Yahtzee‘s personal site.  There I saw his announcement that GameDamage.Net and its pilot episode is up.

GameDamage is a half-hour program starring Yug and Matt (the creators of Australian Gamer), with the devilishly funny Yahtzee.  These guys are distinctly different, giving them an awesome chemistry when they’re together.

The program is all about videogames which is so refreshing after one of the best channels dedicated to games, GamePlay HD, has been canceled and G4 has gone to shit.

Now GameDamage isn’t 100% perfect, it does have a couple minor flaws.  In between their discussion time they show skits.  They’re funny, but one skit wanted to make me rip my head off.  They act as Duke Nukem Forever devs who can’t come up with anything for the game.  It was funny the first time, but not the second nor the third.  The same goes for their Metal Gear Solid skit.

But put that aside and what you have is a really decent show hosted by people you can tell actually care about games.  They each have their own few minutes to rant or preview a game, and even though you have three extremely personable hosts, not every thing they say is meant to be taken funny or lightly and most of it is actually intellectual discussion.  Besides needing just a bit polish and a set script to follow so there’s no friction between the hosts, the show is an enjoyment to watch.

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