New Details on God of War III

coversection11A  preview in Game Informer‘s March issue has revealed new information on God of War III, and a gorgeous new cinematic trailer on is there to give our imaginations a rest and show us how these new mechanics work.

Many aspects of the game are getting a makeover, including Kratos who is jumping from a design of 5,000 polygons to 20,000.  There will be more dynamic interaction with the Titans and Kratos will be pit against up to 50 enemies at once.  Enemies will also build strategies when fighting, responding to a leader or sometimes jumping Kratos all at once which can be countered by a wiggle of the analog stick.

Of course if the enemies are getting rebuilt, so is Kratos.  He’ll be carrying new weapons including the Cestus Gauntlets which look like two great animal heads on his hands.  Each new weapon will serve as a great difference form the Blades of Chaos, will have more purpose and allow the player more options.

There’s no release date yet for the end of the trilogy, but the anticipation is building!  Game director Stig Asmussen told Game Informer, “We want this to be the game that shows people what the PS3 can do.”

To see the awesome video posted on Eurogamer TV, click here.



  1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Its very nice to know your thoughts. Its even nicer to know that I’m on your blogroll. I’ve just added you to mine 🙂 All I can say is keep up with the gaming. We girls have to stick together on that one. Kill it.

  2. That does look like an awesome game, as a PS3 owner I really do hope it ends up as good as these trailers make it look.

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