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Blog Banter: From Gaming Geek to Heroes Freak

In this week's edition of Blog Banter, our topic is gaming with your significant other.

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Topic: Gaming with your significant other

Picture this:  a gathering of formally dressed adults and children in lovely seats wait in a beautiful garden, with their eyes pinned to an entrance way.  A priest stands at one end of the aisle, awaiting a couple longing to be wed.  The band begins to play the bittersweet “Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts II.  One by one members of the bridal party appear followed by the handsome groom and the bride dressed in a Yunaesque wedding gown.  They are ready to vow to be co-op partners for life.

meandjasonframeThat’s exactly how I dream about my future wedding with my boyfriend.  He and I have always taken games seriously, from simply wanting to own games on release days or wanting to name our children after characters.  Just this morning we talked about the best and worst video game titles before drifting off to sleep (because he was up gaming all night).

If you had asked me three weeks ago what I most use our Xbox 360 for, I would have said gaming.  However, all that’s changed.  Something else has stepped into my life and has consumed it.  They call it… Netflix.

I haven’t had the desire to sit down and play any of the new games my boyfriend’s bought.  It doesn’t matter if he tells me they’re fantastic because all I can think about is the next Heroes episode I have to watch. I miss the days when I couldn’t wait to get home so I could complete another Fallout 3 quest.

Ironically, it was his idea to sign up for Netflix.  There has been a small slip in our connection because I’m addicted to it.  My boyfriend noticed the change in me.  He said he misses the gaming geek that I used to be!

All I have to do is run through 10 more episodes of Heroes before I’m fully caught up on the third season.  And then I can finally return to my normal gaming life with my love because I miss him too.

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  1. I wish i could rent movies on Netflix, that would save me all that pesky physical exertion! but I don’t have a credit card, and I hate buying MS points…

  2. Wait, you don’t use BitTorrent like everyone else?! I mean…

    If that’s a picture of you both, then you two are gorgeous!
    Yeah, I’ve been following the lines of at least having an XBox 360 controller as the husband’s cake, but we’ll see.

  3. I haven’t checked out Netflix yet on the Xbox 360. And after reading this, I don’t think I will either, LOL!

  4. O my. You better get back to gaming soon. We girls have priorities here we need to represent in the gaming community. [Don’t feel bad though, I had almost the same experience with burn notice. It consumed my life till I was caught up and then it was back to normal]. You’ll be fine.

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