Video Games

Games for Girls? FOH.

While browsing the Nintendo section of our local Blockbuster last Friday night, my boyfriend and I came across a small section called Games for Girls. I was appalled by the pink shelving, the games chosen just for us, and even the young girl with her cute little braids and pink DS.

The last time I checked, I’m a girl and I enjoy shooting aliens, terrorists, and general scum. My DS is a sleek and sexy black one.

I frown upon this kind of marketing and separation because it might stop a girl who’s new to gaming from exploring different genres.  Don’t believe the idea that there is nothing ladylike about headshots, fragging, or aggressive magic.

And not only that, why can’t boys play those games? Why should a boy have to shy away from the Games for Girls section, even though he is really interested in humming along with the songs from High School Musical? (Here’s to you, nephew).

I’m all for being treated equally when it comes to gaming.  I’m just a gamer, not a gamer-girl or vice versa.  Gender should have absolutely nothing to do with the kinds of games you like to play.


  1. LOL

    I can only imagine how the general public views hardcore gamers.

    FOH normal people.. F-O-H!!!

  2. WOW!
    when i saw that shit.. i asked the blobkbuster people that worked there
    if the muthafugga was for real…
    even I, as a non-hardcore gamer chick – was discusted from the whole display
    (i may indulge in some gaming here in there tho)

    its stupid!

  3. that’s stupid. i see high school musical there. lot’s of guys like that too.

    we are gamers. that’s it. no separation of gender needed.

  4. I don’t think it is stupid. Why are there animated movies in kid’s DVD rental sections? Why the dolls in the pink shelves of Toys’R’Us, and the action figures in the boys section? Why girls wear skirts and boys wear trousers?

    It’s the market. It needs to be divided for the common joe to be able to enter a store and have is mind formatted according to the store organization. It needs to be arraged like this so we can feel a little better everytime we say we didn’t follow the rules. Like: “I got a GTA game from my dad and I’m a 12 year old girl – I broke the rules, I’m sooo good! YAY! He even got it from the boys section!”.

  5. @ dieubussy: I’m not a common joe.

    Heck, I’m 20 years old and I still watch Care Bears.

    Nobody tells me what I should like or buy, I will decide myself without marketing! : )

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